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A Sunday Miscellany #4

Lately, On Instagram Doing This week hasn't been terribly exciting, although I've made a conscious effort to keep up with friends and family via Skype - I'm a terrible Skyper in general but it's important to … Read More

Left Column (Top To Bottom): I like big books that I cannot lie / Home Improvements: Our CDs finally have a home! / The Haul of Guilt, but also of Joy.
Right Column (top to bottom): Me and my siblings many moons ago, to celebrate International Siblings Day this week / A satisfying rearrange of my dressing table

A Sunday Miscellany #3

Doing Working, obviously, which has got in the way of blogging a bit, but I've got my mojo back now with plenty of posts planned so thanks for sticking with me. I'm going to stop mentioning work in these posts I … Read More

Top Half: A Mother's Day Throwback | TK Maxx Haul (top) | Beauty de Beauvoir Business Cards From Moo (bottom) | Throwback To Gingerer Times
Bottom Half: Can't Get Enough of These Two Lovely Weirdos | Loki Defying Household Boundaries, Smugly | Sneak Peak Of What's Coming Up On BDB This Week | Getting' Creative With Blog Photos

A Sunday Miscellany #2

Doing: It's been a fairly busy week, still PhD-ing away bookended by parental visitations, which are great but tend to knock me off schedule slightly. Yesterday my parents visited me and Chris in Edinburgh and we … Read More

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