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NARS Matte Multiple "Laos" on cheeks and lips.

NARS Matte Multiple in “Laos”

I'm a NARS fan in general, and a NARS blusher and lipstick fan in particular, but to be honest their cult Multiples  - creamy sticks appropriate for cheeks and lips - never much appealed to me before it happily, … Read More

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A Sunday Miscellany #6

Lately, On Instagram Doing For the last few weeks my boyfriend and me have been making a real conscious effort to eat healthily every day, and we're already feeling much better for it too. Getting to the gym, on … Read More

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A Sunday Miscellany #5

Lately, On Instagram An especially quiet, unexciting Instagram week - I'll need to be more active on it this coming week!   Doing With deadlines a-looming and the last six months (I hope) of my PhD coming to an … Read More


A Sunday Miscellany #4

Lately, On Instagram Doing This week hasn't been terribly exciting, although I've made a conscious effort to keep up with friends and family via Skype - I'm a terrible Skyper in general but it's important to … Read More

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