Max Factor CC Sticks – The Crayon Craze Continues!


Not long ago I wrote about how I was won round by the wonderfully childish idea of crayons as makeup for lips, and now, it seems, there’s such a thing as a face crayon. Max Factor has jumped on the current trend of crayons, added another beauty favourite at the moment, CC Creams, and smooshed them together into a selection of concealer-come-primer-come-CC-cream in the guise of, you guessed it, a crayon. There are five shades of these Max Factor CC Sticks, each designed to colour correct or enhance certain facial quirks: The Balancer (Pink: For Dark Spots), The Reducer (Green: For Redness), The Brightener (Yellow: For Purple Tones), The Revitaliser (Lilac: For Dullness) and The Illuminator (for…illuminating). Here, have a diagram if you don’t believe me.max-factor-cc-stick-colour-chart

Since redness and dark circles are two skin concerns of mine, I picked up the green and yellow crayons, and also picked up the pink dark spot correcting one, just for the hell of it. I had heard the consistency of these was rather stiff so I was expecting them to be cakey and/or ineffective, but I’ve actually been very impressed. The yellow crayon is definitely the creamiest of the three I own,and does very well to correct the purpley-blue semicircles underneath my eyes. It doesn’t cake but does have a tendency to sink into the fine dehydration lines sometimes, so I don’t use this every day. However, I love this just to chuck in my handbag and whack on if I’m looking particularly tired throughout the day.

I was most interested in trying the green crayon since redness is a common issue of mine, and I hate to clog my face with concealer trying to correct it. I’ve tried a few of the green primers on the market, CC creams and what have you and, whilst a few have been credible, most have either broken me out or left me looking distinctly Kermitish. The Max Factor crayon is light on the skin but has considerable redness-concealing power; with this I do a squiggly line over my cheeks and a few dots around my nose and chin if my skin is looking a little red or irritated. The stick covers up any redness very nicely, blending easily and settling into the skin without sinking into pores or looking like crap under foundation. It’s a great deal better than I expected and I’ve found myself reaching for this most days. Possibly one of the best colour-correctors I’ve tried.

As yet, I haven’t found much use for the pink since I don’t really have any dark patches on my skin, and I’m still not really sure why I bought this…should’ve gone for the highlighter. Oh well. If I ever do find a dark spot, I’m sorted.

These are extremely handy little things new from Max Factor, and especially good for on the go. You can pick them up for £9.99 each from Boots, which is pretty reasonable as I think these will last a long time, and you can often grab them in a 3-for-2 offer. Although these would fit flexibly into your beauty routine in a number of ways, I’d recommend using the green crayon over primer but under foundation, and the yellow on top of foundation as you would (should) a normal concealer. So there you are. Is there no end to the crayon’s potential in the beauty world? Now you can draw all over your entire face to your heart’s content. And isn’t that what beauty’s all about?

  • Suzie

    Brilliant photos! I’m all excited to try these now, but just after finding them on the Boots website where it says they’re all discontinued… Rather than out of stock, as it does on the hairdye I’ve been waiting (and waiting…) to order. Sad and confused.

    From looking up swatches it seems like the pink one would make a better highlighter on pale skin than the champagne one. Have you tried it?

  • Cordelia

    Wow, so excited to try the green one! Had redness on my face for as long as I can remember and I think it’s got more noticeable recently so thanks so much for the review! :)