NARS Matte Multiple in “Laos”

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I’m a NARS fan in general, and a NARS blusher and lipstick fan in particular, but to be honest their cult Multiples  - creamy sticks appropriate for cheeks and lips – never much appealed to me before it happily, dangerously, announced this spring there would be matte versions joining the line. Like many NARS products, the regular Multiples were mostly too glittery and sheer for my opaque, matte tastes, but the Matte Multiples are everything I love about beauty products. They’re versatile, fun for experimenting, eminently usable and, more to the point when we’re discussing a colour product, the colours are lovely.

Since these are £30.00 a pop, a fair investment for just over 7 grams of product, I opted for just the one (so far), and went for Laos, a cheering pink that also has a hint of coral about it. It’s subtle yet bright and I’ve been almost inseparable from this since I first purchased it a few weeks ago. On the cheeks I find it’s best applied by warming a little of the product on the finger first and then dabbing on the cheeks roughly where you like your blusher, and then blending in – I’ve got the best results so far with a RealTechniques Stippling Brush. Since “Laos” is richly pigmented, you could use a wet brush (water squeezed out) to apply/blend for a more subtle effect, but I just try to be fairly light of hand. The lasting power on the cheeks is better than your average cream blusher and is not at all clagging – I instantly forget this is on my face as soon as I apply it, yet it’s there for the large remainder of the day. And thanks to the sleek packaging with a sturdy, stuff-in-bag-proof click, it’s also ideal for on the go.

Despite wanting to pick up a Matte Multiple primarily for the cheek colour (often cheek-and-lip duo products are too flat a colour for the lips) I actually really love this as a lipstick too. It’s a neutral yet cheerful rose colour that lasts well for hours despite eating and drinking, and is not at all drying on the lips in my experience. It doesn’t last as long as, say, the NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencils, as a comparison, but it does very nicely and I don’t mind reapplying this at all if I need to. In the morning I apply this with a small lip brush (since applying it straight from the stick would just be too messy!) and if I need to top up throughout the day then a dab with a finger does the trick.

This is a wonderful product from NARS and I can’t recommend the Matte Multiples enough, but they’re far from cheap and it would be entirely justifiable to dismiss this due to their price. Thirty quid is certainly beyond my usual blusher remit…but the NARS Matte Multiple is just that good. These would make a great gift or a fair investment if you tend to travel a lot..or if you just fancy a decadent treat. I fear it’s just a matter of time before I snap up “Exumas” too.

  • Claudine Converses

    love this review :) I was not sure about this product because of the price but it sounds so lovely! I just might have to pick one up.
    Claudine Converses